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Sun Wood International

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Old wood dining tables and precious wood design tables

The purchase of a new dining table is a long-term investment, which wants to be well chosen. In the Sun Wood Onlineshop, you will find breathtaking offers on old wood an precious wood design tables.

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Wooden tables made of solid wood

Sustainable and environmental responsibility

Our exotic dining tables, of course, are not form the rain forest. Also for our old wood tables we did not have to tear down old huts. We have developed a technique to reproduce the most beautiful wood in an environmentally friendly way.

You not only invest in a high-quality table but also in the preservation of the earth.

Each of our dining tables is unique. All tables are made of soid spruce or beech wood, which is 100% from Austrian forestry, and refined with a special protective varnish.

Impressive wood designs from all over the world

Do you already know our whole table collection? How about an African dining table made of Tamarind wood? An Acacia dining table from Asia would not be bad either, right? If you prefer it more rustic and homely, we recommend our old wood design collection. If it should be more mordern and simple, our grey woods are perfect, they fit perfectly into every colour environment. There is no limit for your creativity!

We have more than 100 different woods at our exhibition, which you can visit. Among them are also fossilized woods from the prehistoric times. Information about our showroom you can find here.

Impression in the dining room

If you have your own dining room, you have a lot more planning possibilities. There is no limit to creativity. The size of the dining table should be considered well in the own dining room. You and your guests should be able to sit down and get up easily. The dining room is particularly impressive, if you can walk around the entire board. To do this, you need at least one meter space from the wall and the table edge.

Environmental protection makes an impression.

Position the dining table well

The location of your dining table should be well thought out! A dining table belongs as a seating in every household. A filigree version of the dining table ist the kitchen table, which serves primarily as a dining area. Some prefer a slightly larger dining table. Many of us place the dining table in the living room where the majority of the community lives. Others, however, have their own room for their dining table. There are many possibilities to position the wooden table. In our shop you will find great offers, for every household budget!

Eating and living at the same time

In the living area apply: as space saving as possible and as large as necessary. The table should fit as good as possible into the living area, as far as design and size are concerned. Our collections include wood from different places of the earth, with different colours and shapes. There is something for every taste!

Natural living

A tip: For small apartments filigree yet comfortable seating furnitures are perfect. They can easily be pushed under the table plate. The simpler the chair, the more conspicuous the table! If you have a spacious dining room, a large and angular table, where many people have space, leaves the best impression. Customers who need a larger dining table from time to time can simply enlarge the wooden table with a table extension.

Individuality instead of Continuity

Not only your dining table needs enough space. You and your guests do not want to be cramped while sitting together. You should ask yourself how many people sit at the dining table on a normal day. We have summarized the most important points for you:

  • The length of the table should be selected according to the number of people who use it daily (50 cm per seat)
  • Choose the correct width of your dining table (sufficient space and legroom ensure comfortable sitting)
  • Include enough space for chairs and walking path. On each side should be added about 1 meter additionally for the running distance.

With us you do not have to adapt to our tables, we adjust the table for you! Sun Wood wooden tables are available in all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes. As a classic solid wood table or modern extending table. How about a bar table? Or would you like to have a round table? Should it be a table with a rough edge? No problem! Individual requests are our core discipline and therefore please contact one of our staff.

Feel the dining table

Our dining tables impress with their design and haptic. They are available either in a brushed or smooth version (depending on the design). If you like to sit with your laptop at the dining table, a smooth version is recommended to avoid confusing the computer mouse, but a mouse pad is also sufficient. If you like to write, the smooth dining table is also recommended. Of course, haptics with depth are also guaranteed for authenticity. Some of our dining tables receive milling to preserve the naturalness and to approach the original. With us you decide what or how you want it!

The right table legs made of wood or stainless steel

A table should not only look great, the table must also stand firm in life. Every day he carries our loads and therefore the choice of the right table legs is decisive. The size of the dining table also plays a central role here. We recommend solid table legs for large tables. Especially in households with kids it can happen, that you are unintentionally pushed against the table. In smaller apartments, with a simpler dining table, we recommend the filigree table legs. The main note should of course be the table top. In our Onlineshop you can choose from filigree to solid table legs. We focus on individuality instead of continuity!

The matching dining table size

In the normal case you calculate 60 cm width per place setting and a depth of approx. 40 cm. For water scarves, wine bottles, table decoration and soup bowls, approx. 20 cm are added in the center. A table width of 100 cm is optimal, while you are quite flexible at the table length.

Little table, little table stretch!

On feast days you need more space. You have the whole family at the dining table? For some years, tables with extensions or plug-in panels are really trendy.  These also create enough space in small apartments, as long as they are needed. Our tables can be equipped with up to two plug-in boards, which can accommodate four additional guests or family members. These boards can be attached without much effort using hand screws or star screws.

Buy dining tables online with free delivery

Because it is simply the most beautiful from home. Who wants to went in his spare time through huge storage halls, looking for sales employees and the perfect table. In our Onlineshop we have exhibited all available standard models and described them correctly. Also the tranportation is not always easy to cope with. At Sun Wood the ordered dining table comes free of shipping costs to your home (from an order value of € 550 in Germany and Austria).