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Sun Wood International

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Rare Woods

PEFC LogoStainer has stood for product innovation for over 40 years now. A fascination for old wood, special grain effects, and precious- and exotic woods led to the development of a special treatment process enabling the detailed, authentic reproduction of different types of wood. This process contributes to protection of rare wood species.

PEFC-Certified Products

PEFC is an internationally recognized abbreviation and stands for sustainability in practice for the forests of tomorrow, setting the standards for wood products from sustainably managed forests reliably and independently. Sun Wood received PEFC certification in 2016 and offers its entire wood products range under the PEFC seal.

The PEFC Certification gives Sun Wood the chance to prove sustainability. However, it is only through the use of the PEFC-logo that Sun Wood makes its engagement for sustainable forest management outwardly visible. The PEFC deal is a strong symbol for forests, people, the environment and the future.

Alternative to tropical wood

According to the motto „Sustainable Innovation“, Sun Wood offers an eco-friendly alternative to tropical woods. The innovative, flexible Sun Wood Technology is a surface treatment that accents, refines and protects the appearance of wood.

Help save the rain forest

Urkunde Regenwald Österreich

We want to help the rainforest in Costa Rica flourish. Through the purchase of a 5000 m² rain forest in Costa Rica, we are supporting the project  „Rainforest of the Austrians“ – an association for the protection and growth of the Esquinas rain forest.

This entire project is funded by donations. If you would like, you can also help to protect the rain forest.

Information on the Rainforest project.