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Concrete Designer Table

€ 559.90


We manufacture your personal desired size on request.
You can find all table legs here.

€ 559.90
Item number: Betontisch 300

The modern look of our Concrete Look Designer Table combine the advantages of pure industrial design with the exceptional material characteristics of solid spruce.

Product description

Farbgebung & Struktur

The modern optics of our Concrete Look Designer Table combine the advantages of pure industrial design with the exceptional material characteristics of solid spruce

A special surface treatment allows us to reproduce the modern look and feel of concrete while retaining the properties of wood. The result is stylish designer furniture with an industrial character, certain to be an eye-catcher in any living area. 

Thus, the following advantages:

  • look and surface reflect a modern design trend with industrial character
  • material characteristics of solid spruce wood
  • substantial weight savings in contrast to real concrete products
  • the Sun Wood Concrete-Look-Products are also well suited for seating or tables, since in contrast to real concrete, they store warmth thus providing a comfortable seating feel

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The designer table tops are crafted from locally-harvested solid spruce or beech boards. These have a thickness between 40 and 60 mm and are also available in individual formats upon request.

These table tops are crafted according to the clients wishes and are not mass-produced, thus they are excluded from the right of return.

Übersicht Tischbeine

Table extension

Extend this table with one or two matching plug-in plates for table extensions. This table can be equipped with up to two table extensions, which create space for four additional guests

Table Legs

You have the choice - choose your table legs from our large selection and we will finish your designer table to coordinate perfectly with your interior design. We make table legs from wood, varnished or natural, and metal table legs with a brushed- or powder-coated surface.

Without Table Legs

You can also choose "without table legs" and we will ship your table top without mounting holes. You can also choose the table top and table legs separately in the shopping basket -- or simply contact us to discuss your wishes.

Assembly Material

Depending on the table leg model, we will ship the matching fastening equipment.

Tischplatte Beton

Technical details

Table Height

Including the standard thickness of the table top of 40 mm (1.5" in.), the height of the table totals 76 cm (30" in.) (+-10 mm).


Our table legs are designed to support approx. 100 kg (220 lbs.) load. The load capacity depends upon the table leg model. Please contact us if you have questions.


You can assemble the wood table easily by yourself. Check out our assembly instructions.


We purposefully seek to accentuate the natural grain of our wood decors. Thus, the knotholes and grain of our solid spruce boards harvested from local forests are emphasized. Our goal is to ennoble the appearance of our wood, to protect it and reproduce the original trunk as authentically as possible.

Wood is a natural and lively material, so naturally color- and texture changes can and do occur. Additionally, knotholes, notches and the natural grain are accentuated during the surface treatment. Each Sun Wood table is unique and is hand-crafted with care.

The appearance of the table-underside is dependent on the varnish used during the final protective coating. However, we seek to achieve the most uniform appearance of the surface and underside of the table. The varnish does allow the natural surface grain of the wood to shine through.




Outdoor Use

The waterproof protective coating with UV-absorber makes it possible to use the tables and table tops outside as well with limitations.

Make sure that the tables are not located in direct sunshine. They should also be protected from rain and snow. We recommend using sun- and rain protection. Extreme heat or sun exposure may cause resin flow.

If the table is subjected to heavy use and cleaning, make sure to re-varnish the surface.

Furthermore, wood is a natural material which can deform slightly or form cracks when used outdoors. With the appropriate care, your table top will last for years in good condition.

Important return information

This item has been manufactured according to your own specifications. Thus, you have no right of revocation or return. You can order an A3 format sample of this wood free of charge. 

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