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Sun Wood International

Saturday, September 23, 2017
  • Altholz Musterset Altholz Musterset
  • Musterplatten Altholz Musterplatten Altholz

Antique Wood Sample Set

€ 72.00


Item number: Altholzdesign Musterset
Sun Wood Sample Set with 10 wood panels, each panel printed on front and back

Product description

A set consists of 5 pieces of 500 x 500 x 19mm-thick 3-layer panel, which have a Sun Wood model printed on each side.

The Antique surface is a detail of the original 3-layer panel and may differ slightly in color (according to the detail). A total of 10 antique wood models are included in the set.

Wood Samples Included:

  • Tyrol 02
  • Shed Planks 03
  • White Paint29
  • Silver Mine 05
  • Saloon 06
  • Havana 07
  • Amber 08
  • White 600
  • Transilvania brown22
  • Wormwood brown 24

Technical details

Naturally occurring color variations

In order to produce the most natural-looking boards, we hand-craft them with attention to detail, making each Sun Wood product unique. Some variation in color may occur between individual products, since it is our aim to accentuate the natural grain of each wood type. By emphasizing the grain, the total appearance of the wood is enlivened, creating the unmistakeable character of Sun Wood.

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